Long hair, don’t care. Maybe if I wear this wig, I can walk around without stupid paps following me everywhere.


You say you’re going to kick my butt for bringing Hannah Montana up, but you’re wearing a purple wig that’s like a Hannah Montana wig!


I was the one that tossed that in there and you didn’t bother to call me over to play it with you?


You weren’t even careful about my game, mate. Why should you get the honor of playing with me? But you weren’t home when I found it. I ended up falling asleep and waking up to you being home already.


Where you ever really a superhero?


According to Hatchi and Prada, I always was at heart.


You know, I really sucked at that game, but I remember my first Spiderman game because it was on the Nintendo 64 with the three handled controller and it was possibly the best time of my childhood.

I had the Super Nintendo and the controller was so tiny to play with. I got really confused when the Nintendo 64 controller came out and it had three handles and a bunch of different buttons. But I’ll admit I like the old stuff better than the new.


I think you can pull off the tights if you tried so don’t go giving your hopes up just yet.

I think the tights is all I’m good for. I’ll end up being Peter Pan than a superhero though. I think Aaron fits that role better than me.

I went through a box of random things that Ethan must’ve thrown in before we moved in with Izzy and Pay and I managed to find my Spiderman video game. I got really excited to play it, but the sad part is that I’m really rusty and kept falling off buildings. I don’t think I’m made to be a superhero anymore.



@Ethan_Williams:Andi has just said the word ‘lingerie’ for the first time….he said (linger-ee).