Drake and Nicki shopping in the corner store vlog. Lmao. this is hilarious and cute.

Title: Rocket
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  • @Real_Andi_Tate: Looking forward to the show tonight in St. Louis which is defiantly not naked after my pal cuz he aint no saint 😏
  • @Real_Andi_Tate: Lol I defiantly meant named not naked huge fail 🙈
Title: Killing Me Softly
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Shit yeah, can you do that instead?  Seeeeee you wouldn’t be upset, you’d be laughing the whole time.  It’s a win win for me, I love your laugh.  You must have been blind for the past 3 years, because I’ve been over the moon since day one.  Yeah see I can’t comment on that because of the fact and then also it’s Aaron’s girlfriend, so yeah.


No. I’m not walking around nude. The only time I’d do that is in me own flat or yours, but Ronnie lives with you now so I guess just mine. I’d be a little upset and I’d be embarrassed! Who even does things like that? I know you love my laugh, babe. Not blind, but stating facts about it right now. I’m glad my heart eyes can do that to you. But you would comment if she wasn’t dating Aaron. That’s incredible.